JKS 12000 cable trailer

Total weight: 12000kg
Biggest reel weight: n.9000kg
Biggest reel diameter: 3400mm
Drum gap width: 1850mm (*)
Drum axle diameter: 118mm
Frame: Maalattu teräsrunko
Towing speed: 40km/h (**)
Product code: 1582

JKS 12000 cable trailer is used for handling heavy weight cables. This trailer has the same construction as JKS 14000.

(*) Also available with measures based on customer’s wishes.
(**) Towing speed can be raised up to 60km/h.

JKS 12000 is a right choice when drum sizes and weights are large. Two axle bogey construction guarantees that trailers can easily transport even bigger drums. Four wheels keeps trailers from sinking on soft terrain.

Trailers are available with various different equipment choices. Right accessories will be put together according to the customer’s needs.

Adjustable front support, hand brake, led-lights, strike covers for all lights, reflectors, drum axle with bearings and cones, hydraulic drum lift with hand pump, and a removable tailgate.

Drum spinning device with 200mm solid rubber tires and fast locking mechanism, Honda HP13 hydraulic machinery, hydraulic drum spinning remote control (spinning is operated from the back) all combine as one device. Other accessories are a, 65 litre integrated hydraulic tank , 12V thermostat guided oil cooler, led beacons, diesel engine, electric start, hydraulic transfer for drum spinning machinery, hydraulic drum lift, hydraulic jockey wheel, compressed air operated brakes and suspension, turning shaft, mechanical/hydraulic back supports, ropes, double lights 12/24 volts, drum axle with brake, steel drum for ropes, and slit steel drum.

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