JKS 7500 cable trailer

Total weight: 7500kg
Maximum drum weight: 6000kg
Biggest drum diameter: 3000mm (*)
Drum gap width: 1850mm / 2100mm(*)
Drum axle diameter: 75mm
Frame: Painted steel frame
Towing speed: 40km/h (**)
Product code: 337

JKS 7500 cable trailer is for handling heavy weight cables. This two wheeled trailer is easy to handle. Sufficient ground clearance assures drum handling on difficult terrain. Drum lifting and lowering is operated with a hydraulic hand pump.

(*) Also available with measures based on customer’s wishes
(**) Towing speed can be raised to 60km/h or 80km/h

JKS 7500 is heavy duty cable trailer for transportation and handling of big drums. A basic model has been equipped with a hand operated hydraulic pump. With right accessories this trailer is truly a multipurpose tool for electrical cable building. Even the biggest tasks can be handled with this trailer.

This steel frame is long lasting and it does not wear out in usage. High quality technical solutions guarantee that trailer will work even in the most difficult situations.

Adjustable jockey wheel, hand brake, led-lights, reflectors, strike covers for lights, drum axle with bearings and cones, hydraulic drum lift with a winch, and removable tailgate.

Drum spinning device with 200mm wide solid rubber tires and fast locking mechanism, hydraulic machinery with Honda 13hp engine, 36 litre hydraulic oil tank, and hydraulic remote control for drum spinning all combine as one device. Other accessories are diesel engine, electric start, led-beacons, drum spinning with brake motor, hydraulic transfer for drum spinning machinery, hydraulic drum lift, drum axle with brake, double lights 12/24V, air brakes and suspension, ABS-brakes, swivel shaft (tractor/car), ropes, steel cable drums(*), and split steel drums(*).

(*) special order

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